The Harp & Sword, and The Story Told

For all the years of Aidan's Pub, there has been a logo all are familiar with; The Harp and Sword. The depiction is emblematic o the Celtic sage of Tristan & Iseult. It represents both sides of our psyche, masculine and feminine, as complimentary opposites.

The Harp symbolizes our capacity for relatedness, compassion, and love as a "feminine" quality emanating from the gentle part of of our psyche. The Sword represents the "masculine" ability to wield power, to control situations, to defend our position, and to assert our beliefs.

The legend of Tristan and Iseult is an influential romance and tragedy, retold in numerous sources with as many variations. The tragic story of the adulterous love between the Cornish knight Tristan (Tristram) and the Irish princess Iseult (Isolde, Yseut, etc.), the narrative predates, and most likely influenced, the Arthurian romance of Lancelot and Guinevere, and has had a substantial impact on Western art and literature since it first appeared in the 12th century. While the details of the story differ from on author to another, the overall plot structure remains much the same.

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